Registration can be made either by cheque or online, via the conference website. Full payment is required upon registration. No confirmation will be sent until Nursing and Healthcare Secretariat has received the full payment. Payment of registration fee will be in USD.

Registered participants will receive a registration confirmation. With this confirmation, participants are invited to attend all scientific sessions, exhibitions. Each registered participant will be given a conference kit containing the Conference book, scientific program & other information regarding the conference.

The conference secretariat will provide a letter of invitation upon request. This letter is to facilitate participant's travel and visa arrangements only.

  • You are requested to provide us your short biography, complete affiliation details and your name in the format as it appears on your passport, you're Identity Cards will be given accordingly, we will not be able to allow any attendee inside the hall without their passport check, you can carry a print out or mail attachment (need not to show original copy).
  • FOR LOCAL ATTENDEES Letter from their organization is enough.
  • There will be a safety drill demo on the first day of the event, please be prompt and attend this.
  • Take care of your belongings in the hall; we will not be able to monitor it keenly however all the attendees will be allowed only after their passport check, except attendees and hotel staff none will be allowed in hall, your accompanying person are requested to wait at the reception.
  • Only accompanying person who has paid the fee will be allowed in coffee breaks, lunch and cocktails, we will not be able to entertain kids and other family members, as the arrangements will be done only for registered attendees.
  • We will assist you with the invitation letter for the visa and other information that you may need, but we will not be responsible for any visa rejection, no refund can be given in this case. No personal details of the organizers will be shared in this case.
  • We suggest you to apply for the tourist visa.
  • Please pay the cash in case you are doing on spot registration. Receipt will be given after your confirmation.
  • Speakers details, contacts, mails or presentations can only be shared after having their permission, we cannot share their studies directly.
  • Organizers will not bear the cost of any extensions in your stay at the venue. If you are coming with any accompanying person you need to book the accommodation accordingly.
  • Submit your abstract as per the template available on website along with your short (not more than 100 words) biography, and a recently taken picture, this picture should be professional and passport size.
  • Submission can be done online or through the mail.
  • Your studies should be accepted at least three months before the event.
  • Any modifications in the presentation, or the content to be published in conference proceedings should be submitted in written to the event coordinator two month prior to the event.
  • Duration of your talk will be 12 minutes and questionnaire will be 3 minutes. For more discussions breaks will be included in the program.
  • Writing material will be provided in the hall, we advise you to carry your own pointer and collect it soon after your presentation.
  • In case you are doing on spot registration, its mandatory to share your travel ticket's scan copy with the event coordinator, we will not be able to add the presentation in our event program without this confirmation.
  • In any speaker's absence, slot will be given to the following presentation; all the speakers are requested to be in event hall to stay updated.
  • In Case you are attending event less than three days inform us about your flight timings we will need this information before finalizing the event. No changes will be possible in the program once it is finalized.
  • Tentative program and accommodation confirmation number will be shared with you 45 days prior to the event all final changes can be made at this time, later we will not be able to change the schedule.
  • It is mandatory to carry your Student ID card or letter from your organization.
  • Poster size should be not more than 1x1 M, color and font can be of your choice.
  • All the posters should be submitted beforehand to the coordinator first or second day of the event.
  • You have to be in hall during the presentation.
  • Collect your poster after the presentation.